About Us

About Us

About Us

Recruitment Process

  • Resume screening and finishing

    Resume screening and finishing

  • Candidate Written Test

    Candidate Written Test

  • Candidate professional interview

    Candidate professional interview

  • Data background investigation

    Data background investigation

  • Employment negotiation and review

    Employment negotiation and review

  • Trial period management

    Trial period management

Employee Welfare

  • Perfect Insurance

    Perfect Insurance

    Pension, Medical care, Work injury, Unemployment, Childbirth, Housing provident fund

  • Paid Leave

    Paid Leave

    Statutory holidays such as public leave, Wedding leave, Maternity leave, Paid annual leave

  • Health Service

    Health Service

    Free physical examination; High temperature subsidy; Health lecture

  • Holiday Gifts

    Holiday Gifts

    Holiday benefits; Birthday subsidies; Annual travel

  • Housing Benefits

    Housing Benefits

    Talent apartment; Housing subsidy; Public rental housing application

  • Cultural and Sports Activities

    Cultural and Sports Activities

    Basketball game; Large-scale annual meeting; Sports meeting