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Wireless Communication

LoRa&LoRaWAN Series

  • LoRaWAN Module WSL01-A0

  • LoRaWAN Module WSL02-A0

  • LoRaWAN Module WSL03-A0

  • LoRaWAN Module WS868-LW

  • LoRaWAN Pulse Reader PULSE915-LRW

  • LoRaWAN Module WSL05-A0

  • LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway GW200

  • LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway GW300

Wireless M-Bus Series

  • Wireless M-Bus Module WMB14-868

  • Wireless M-Bus Module WMB14-433

  • Wireless M-Bus Module WMB14-868-II

  • Wireless M-Bus Module WMB27-169

  • Wireless M-Bus USB Adapter WMB14UE-868

  • Wireless M-Bus USB Adapter WMB14UE-433

  • Wireless M-Bus Module Kit

Data Radio Series

  • Data Radio FC-302

  • Data Radio FC-303

  • Data Radio FC-228S

Point to Point Transmission Module Series

  • RF Module FC-RF209

  • RF Module FC-RF1023

  • RF Module WS239

L-CellMesh Series

  • L-CellMesh module FC-706-SC

  • L-CellMesh Module FC-706-JD

  • L-CellMesh Module FC-706-HX

4G LTE Series

  • 4G LTE Module TXGX13-FC611

  • 4G LTE Module CML110

NB-IoT Series

  • NB-IoT Module CMN110

  • NB-IoT Module CMN210


Electric Utilities

  • Single-phase Payment Control Smart Energy Meter DDZY1789C-Z/J

  • Three-phase Payment Control Smart Energy Meter DTZY1789C-Z/J

  • Single-phase Electronic Payment Control Smart Energy Meter DDSK1789S-Z/J

  • Three-phase Electronic Payment Control Smart Energy Meter DTSK1789S-Z

  • Three-phase Three-wire/Four-wire Smart Energy Meter DSZ/DTZ1789

  • Three-phase Three-wire/Four-wire Multifunction Smart Energy meter DSSD/DTSD1789

Gas Utilities

  • Smart Ultrasonic Gas Meter

  • Smart Camera Direct Reading Wireless Meter Reader

  • Smart Gas Meter

Water Utilities

  • IC Card Wireless Smart Water Meter

  • Ultrasonic Water Meter

  • Photo-Diode Direct Read Water Meter

  • Inductive Water Meter

Power Consumption Information Collection

Communication Unit

  • High Speed Wireless Broadband Dual Mode DCU Communication Unit FC-663J

  • High-speed Wireless Broadband Dual Mode Single-phase Meter Communication Unit FC-663B1

  • High-speed Wireless Broadband Dual Mode Type II Collector FC-663C2

  • High-speed Wireless Broadband Dual-mode Three-phase Meter Communication Unit FC-663B3

  • High Speed Wireless Broadband Dual Mode Type I Collector Module FC-663C1

  • Concentrator Local Communication Unit FC-623J

  • Single-phase Meter Communication Unit FC-623B1

  • Three-phase Meter Communication Unit FC-623B3

  • Type II Collector FC-623C2

  • High-speed Wireless Broadband Dual-mode DCU Local Communication Unit FC-626NJ

  • High-speed Wireless Broadband Dual-mode Single-phase Meter Communication Unit FC-626NB1

  • High-speed Wireless Broadband Dual-mode Three-phase Meter Communication Unit FC-626NB3

  • High-speed Wireless Broadband Dual-mode II Type Collector FC-626NC2

  • High-speed Wireless Broadband Dual-mode I Type Collector Module FC-626NC1


  • State Grid Collector Type I DCJL33-FC681A

  • State Grid Collector Type II DCJL13-FC682A

  • State Grid Concentrator Type I DJTJ23-FC671A

  • State Grid Concentrator TypeⅡ DJTL33-FC672A

  • State Grid Type I Appropriate Acquisition Terminal FKWA43-FC691A

  • State Grid Type III Special Transformer Acquisition Terminal FKTA23-FC693A

Distribution Automation

High Voltage Power Supply Device

  • High Voltage Power Taking Device FC-GYQD

Circuit Breaker

  • Outdoor AC High Voltage Permanent Magnet Vacuum Circuit Breaker ZW32-12M/630-20

  • Outdoor AC High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker ZW32-12/630-20

  • Outdoor Demarcation Vacuum Circuit Breaker ZW20-12/630-20(25)

Fault Indicator

  • Overhead transient recording type remote fault indicator JYL-FC

  • Overhead transient characteristic remote fault indicator JYZ-FC

  • Overhead signal type remote fault indicator JYW-FC

Distribution Automation Terminal

  • Feeder Terminal FTU FC-F30/F22/F21

  • Station Terminal DTU FC-D30/D21

Three Phase Unbalance Treatment Device

  • Intelligent Commutation Switch FC-HX30

New Energy

Vehicle Charging Power Supply

  • Car Charging Power Supply YXC-22D/YXC-32D

  • Car Charging Power Supply YXC-332D /YXC-662D

Car Inverter

  • Car Inverter YXC-22

Charging Module

  • Charging Module YXC-203-501D

Electric Vehicle Motor Controller

  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor YXC-2503

Photovoltaic Inverter

Test Equipment

Multi Meter Detection Equipment

  • Multi-Meter Integrated Reading System FC-839

Module Power Consumption and Interface Detection

  • Module Power Consumption and Interface Detection FC-833

  • Module Power Consumption and Interface Detection FC-880

Training and Simulation Testing

  • Electricity Information Collection Simulation Training System FC-817

Dual Mode Detection

  • Dual-Mode Heterogeneous Detection System FC-815

Micro Power Wireless Detection

  • Large-Scale Network Evaluation System FC-807

  • Micropower Wireless Communication Network Evaluation System FC-830

  • Micropower Wireless Communication Unit Detection System FC-831

  • Standardized Radio Frequency Detection System FC-832

Wireless Public Network Detection

  • Collection Terminal Public Network Line Channel Simulation Intelligent Detection System FC-861

Carrier Detection

  • Carrier Communication Network Evaluation System FC-810

  • Carrier Communication Unit Detection System FC-811

Automatic Detection

  • Communication Module Detection Pipeline FC-822

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