LoRaWAN Pulse Reader PULSE915-LRW

Product overview

PULSE915-LRW is an external pulse acquisition and wireless data transmission terminal. It is mainly used for data acquisition of single-pulse or double pulse of equipment, and use LoRaWAN technology to implement active data reporting.

FC-714-USB is a high performance USB adapter based on LoRaWAN WSL05-A0 module providing a plug and play PC communication link via USB interface.

It allows PCs or service terminals to communicate with electricity, gas or water meters using wireless LoRaWAN protocol.
Plug USB into the PC and activate the meter to enter the configuration mode, which can setting the parameter of the meter.

Functional features

  • Long range wireless data transmission.
  • Support active sensor (Hall) and passive sensor (reed switch).
  • Multi-band support, EU868, US915, AU915, IN865 etc.
  • Configurable report interval.
  • Pre-installed long-life battery and built-in antenna.
  • UART serial port or air wireless configuration.
  • UART firmware upgrade or FOTA.
  • Battery power detection and optional automatic power reporting.
  • IP67 waterproof rating.

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