Feeder Terminal FTU FC-F30/F22/F21

Product overview

FC-F30/F22/F21 is a distribution automation terminal product developed for on-post switches. It is developed according to the latest development requirements of distribution network automation and absorbing new research results of computer technology, digital signal processing technology, and grid fault detection technology. A new type of feeder remote terminal equipment FTU. Its design, manufacturing and inspection adopt international IEC standards and relevant national standards. It is suitable for 10KV feeder monitoring and control. In addition to remote signaling, remote measurement and remote control functions, it also has the ability to capture fault signals (phase-to-phase short circuit, single-phase grounding, etc.), combined with primary switches (circuit breakers, load switches, reclosers, etc.), and communicate with the main station of the distribution district (Or with the cooperation of the power master station), it can complete the fault diagnosis of the 10KV feeder, the isolation of the faulty section, the network reconstruction and the normal power supply of the non-faulty section.

Functional features

  • The hardware adopts 32-bit industrial-grade high-performance professional DSP to ensure the accuracy and stability of the system; powerful processing capabilities, parallel data acquisition and data calculation processing.
  • The terminal integrates multiple feeder automation functions such as control, monitoring, signal, communication, measurement, event recording, fault judgment, protection, etc.
  • The terminal can be flexibly adapted to the latest 10KV feeder primary and secondary fusion complete set of pole switches (circuit breakers/load switches) by configuring operating parameters and control logic to meet the requirements of various functions and related technical specifications.
  • The structure is small and exquisite, similar to the relay protection, which can be flexibly replaced and updated, and the price is high. At the same time, it has a liquid crystal display, which can intuitively view the line working conditions, parameter settings, etc., and can also cooperate with the panel buttons to complete the terminal related parameter configuration.
  • According to the actual operating conditions, the operating parameters and control logic can be flexibly configured to achieve single-phase grounding and phase-to-phase short-circuit fault handling, and the fault can be directly tripped and removed. At the same time, it does not rely on the communication network or the VIT action logic of the master station (substation), and can realize the functions of fault monitoring, positioning, isolation and non-faulty area restoration and transmission on the spot.
  • The latest international ferroelectric memory is used to store important data, with large capacity, no data loss after power failure, and longevity Unlimited life and fast access speed.
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