Outdoor Demarcation Vacuum Circuit Breaker ZW20-12/630-20(25)

Product overview

ZW20-12 outdoor user demarcation vacuum circuit breaker is an outdoor power distribution equipment using vacuum interrupter for arc extinguishing, SF6 gas enhanced insulation performance, spring or permanent magnet operating mechanism, rated voltage 12kV, three-phase AC 50Hz. Mainly used for breaking and closing the load current, overload current and short circuit current in the electric circuit. Used in conjunction with the corresponding controller, it can realize a variety of intelligent protections (including grounding protection function) for lines and electrical equipment.
It is suitable for use in substations, industrial and mining enterprises, and rural power distribution systems for protection and control and frequent operations. This product is matched with the controller and can meet the requirements of power distribution automation system.

Functional features

  • The operation is flexible and convenient: it can be electric energy storage, electric opening and closing, manual opening and closing, and manual energy storage;
  • Low operating power and high reliability;
  • Reliable sealing performance: SF6 gas pressure is zero gauge pressure, and mature sealing structure technology is adopted, and the sealing performance is reliable;
  • Excellent safety performance: an explosion-proof device is installed on the top of the box, even if an internal failure occurs, no high-temperature gas will leak out;
  • Flexible installation method: It can be installed on a pole or sitting on a pole.。
  • Technical ParametersView details

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