Outdoor AC High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker ZW32-12/630-20

Product overview

ZW32-12/630-20 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high-voltage switchgear with a rated voltage of 12kV. It is mainly used to switch load current and break overload current and short circuit current in power system.

Functional features

  • The overall structure is a three-phase pillar dry structure;
  • Using a fully enclosed structure, good sealing performance, good moisture-proof and anti-condensation performance, and can be used in high temperature and humid areas;
  • Reliable breaking and closing performance, no burning and explosion hazard;
  • Small size, light weight, maintenance-free, and long service life;
  • The opening and closing operations can be manual or remote control;
  • The operating mechanism is sealed at the bottom of the switch box, which can effectively prevent the switch from corrosion due to long-term outdoor exposure.
  • Technical ParametersView details

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