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About Us

About Us

SINCE 2002

Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, a GEM listed company (stock code 300514), is a professional global IoT solution provider.

Friendcom insists on providing users with a full range of solutions as its mission, and constantly creates value for customers. The company's marketing service network and branches have covered more than 30 major cities in China. While actively developing the domestic market, the company’s products have been exported to Europe, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions, forming a global business pattern, focusing on customers’ innovative and business needs, providing better quality and cost-effective product and service.

The fast-growing Friendcom is the first company in China to join the European OMS alliance, the American WI-SUN alliance, and the French SIGFOX alliance. The core supplier of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, and a leader in the Internet of Things industry. In the field of AMI wireless local communication in the smart grid, the cumulative shipments reached 80 million sets, with a market share of over 80%, ranking first for 9 consecutive years. A full solution provider in the field of public metering, ranking third in the country in terms of total power consumption in the State Grid and China Southern Grid. The top five in the power collection terminal product industry...

The company has a registered capital of 200 million yuan, and the Shenzhen Industrial Park has a production and operation area of more than 100,000 square meters. In order to improve the structure of its own industrial chain and improve the core competitiveness of the company, the company has established Friendcom Industrial Parks in Wuhan, Hubei (50 acres of land to build energy Internet of Things R&D and industrialization base) and Dongguan, Guangdong (18,000 square meters production base) to promote The company's business progresses steadily and develops steadily.

Facing the future, Friendcom will continue to seek technological breakthroughs and innovative development, and make unremitting efforts to promote the construction of China's wireless Internet of Things and realize the dream of intelligent applications of the Internet of Things.

Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 20000+

    Registered capital (ten thousand RMB)

  • 10000+

    Production area(㎡)

  • 11

    Global R&D Center(pcs)

  • 100+

    Sales cover more than 100 countries

  • 5000

    Application node (ten thousand)


  • Vision


    Become a Global IoT Solution Provider

  • Mission


    Make IoT Connectivity Easier

  • Core value

    Core value

    Find the Future with Friendcom



Friendcom was established

CFDA project


The first generation of CFDA was born

Star network structure


The third generation of CFDA was born 

Car radio enters the international market

Participate in the formulation of national standards for digital radio stations

Cooperating with Langer, the company's products enter the Hong Kong market


The company's CFDA wireless self-organizing sensor network technology has become the national grid company interconnection standard

Participated in the drafting of GB/T 26831.6-2015 "Community Energy Metering and Collecting System Specification Part VI Local Bus"


LCFDA low-power wireless self-organizing network technology was born;

CFDA wireless self-organizing core sensor network has more than 10 million online operating nodes

Participated in the drafting of the State Grid Corporation Interconnection Micropower Wireless Enterprise Standard;

Terminal and meter product project approval


High-speed micro-power wireless + broadband power carrier dual-mode heterogeneous network technology was born;

Cooperated with the Brazilian Water Affairs Group (SABESP) on the project of lifting 8 million water meters and successfully entered the Brazilian market;

Cooperate with DiehL to provide wireless water meter reading solutions and successfully enter the German market;

Electric meters achieve market breakthroughs


In April 2017, the company successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, (stock code 300514.SZ)

The wireless self-organizing core sensor network has more than 50 million online operating nodes


Achieve a breakthrough in the unified recruitment of the national grid

Table products won the bid to enter the top 30


Established Dongguan Friendcom

Launched the overall solution for power distribution Internet of Things

The wireless self-organizing core sensor network has more than 80 million online operating nodes


Relocation of production center to Dongguan


Honesty is the core culture of Friendcom, and it is also the basic principle of every Friendcom person and doing things. It is the company's eternal wealth. Every Friendcom person deeply understands and abides by: Never sell the future for short-term benefits! Treat customers, employees, and partners with sincerity, and never resort to fraud or untrustworthiness!

Friendcom will always perform its responsibilities to the society in good faith, serve the country by the industry, and feed back to the society; perform its responsibilities to partners in good faith, do what it says and do what it takes; perform its responsibilities to employees with integrity, respect and care for employees, Develop employees and provide a stage for employees to show their talents.