Single-phase Electronic Payment Control Smart Energy Meter DDSK1789S-Z/J

Product overview

The DDSK1789S-Z/J single-phase electronic charge control electric energy meter has the functions of time-sharing or step-by-step charging and freezing, and is suitable for residential users who realize local fee control through power line carrier/micro power wireless and other media.

Functional features

  • Use high-precision, high-sensitivity, high-stability, wide-range, and low-power dedicated metering chips.
  • Adopt ultra-low power consumption solid-state integration technology, permanent storage of information memory and SMT process design.
  • The voltage sampling circuit adopts resistor divider method.
  • The current sampling circuit adopts a highly stable, wide-range manganin shunt.
  • The display adopts LCD display with wide viewing angle and high contrast brand.
  • Special embedded safety authentication module for electric meters using algorithms such as National Secret SM1 SM4.
  • The shell is made of high-strength, flame-retardant and environmentally friendly materials, with a firm structure, good sealing performance, high insulation strength and corrosion resistance, and easy installation.
  • Technical paremeterView details

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