LoRaWAN Module WSL05-A0

Product overview

WSL05-A0 is a RF module compliant with LoRaWAN standard. It is ideally suited for use as an embedded RF module in one or two-way data links with gas, water, heat and electricity meters.

FC-714-USB is a high performance USB adapter based on LoRaWAN WSL05-A0 module providing a plug and play PC communication link via USB interface.

It allows PCs or service terminals to communicate with electricity, gas or water meters using wireless LoRaWAN protocol.
Plug USB into the PC and activate the meter to enter the configuration mode, which can setting the parameter of the meter.

Functional features

  • Operating in license-free ISM frequency bands of 433,470, 868, 915 and 923MHz
  • Provide AT command UART interface
  • Support customer secondary development
  • Sensitivity up to -138dBm(SF12)
  • Support LoRaWAN Class A / C modes.
  • UART firmware upgrade or FOTA.
  • Very low power consumption for battery powered applications.
  • Compact dimensions: 14 x 22 x 3.2 mm.
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    Frequency Band: 433, 868 and 915MHz

    Range: Up to 5km(LoS)

    Configurable output power

    AT command for configuration

    Sensitivity up to -138dBm(SF12)

    Power Supply: 2.0 to 3.6 V

    Output Power: Up to 22 dBm

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