Overhead transient recording type remote fault indicator JYL-FC

Product overview

The transient recording fault indicator is composed of a collection unit and a collection unit. The acquisition unit has the functions of fault recording and micro-power wireless networking. It can upload the fault information to the remote collection unit through the local wireless network, and then the collection unit will report the fault information to the master station positioning system in real time, which will be processed by the master station and completed graphically Positioning display.

Functional features

  • The energy acquisition module uses high-permeability materials, combined with a low-power system design, to ensure full battery-free operation at a current of 5A;
  • Using electronic transformers for current and ground electric field detection, ±3A in the range of 0A~300A, and accuracy of ±1% in the range of 300A~600A;
  • Energy-taking opening CT selects anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials, supplemented by high-level cutting technology, to ensure that sufficient power is provided for the equipment in the outdoor environment;
  • The system power supply adopts a three-level power supply architecture of long CT power supply, super capacitors and disposable lithium batteries to ensure reliable operation of the equipment all-weather;
  • Remote wireless management and debugging, maintenance-free operation.
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    Technical parameters of the acquisition unit

    Technical parameters of the collection unit

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