Overhead signal type remote fault indicator JYW-FC

Product overview

The distribution network fault location system is a simple and practical distribution automation solution. The system consists of the master station background, acquisition unit, collection unit and necessary public communication network. It is suitable for online monitoring of 3~35kV overhead lines. It has functions such as line fault collection and fault information actively reporting to the master station. It has simple use and stable operation , Convenient maintenance, high reliability, good openness and high cost performance.

Functional features

  • The energy acquisition module adopts high-permeability materials, combined with low-power system design, to ensure full-function operation without battery at a current of 10A;
  • Energy-taking opening CT selects anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials, supplemented by high-level cutting technology, to ensure that sufficient power is provided for the equipment in the outdoor environment;
  • Support the master station to synchronize the time, and at the same time, use the local micro-power wireless to manage the three-phase acquisition unit to keep time with an accuracy of less than 100us to ensure the accuracy of zero sequence current synthesis;
  • Support program remote upgrade and maintenance;
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                                                     Technical parameters of the acquisition unit

                                                   Technical parameters of the collection unit

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