Intelligent Commutation Switch FC-HX30

Product overview

Shenzhen Friendcom FC-HX30 series intelligent commutation switch is the perfect solution to solve the three-phase load imbalance of low-voltage distribution transformer. It consists of the main control switch FC-HX31 and the phase change switch FC-HX32. The main control switch collects and analyzes the three-phase load data of the station area, intelligently controls the phase change switch to switch the single-phase load, and realizes the three-phase balance of the whole station area from the load end.

Functional features

  • Achieve balance from the load side: Different from the compensation type (SVG, capacitor) balancing device that can only achieve three-phase balance on the outlet side of the transformer, FC-HX30 achieves three-phase balance based on switching the terminal load to achieve all-round from the load end to the entire transformer station area Balance, solving the three-phase unbalance problem from the "load side", represents the future direction of three-phase unbalance governance technology.
  • No power loss during commutation: FC-HX30 adopts the original "extremely fast commutation + phase angle tracking" commutation method, the commutation speed can be as fast as 6.6ms, and the phase angle tracking commutation strategy for compressor loads ensures maximum power consumption The device does not lose power during the switching process.
  • Triple lock to prevent short circuit: FC-HX30, in order to effectively prevent phase-to-phase short-circuit accidents during single-phase load switching, has a total of three software and hardware lockouts in the anti-short-circuit strategy, namely: "fire wire detection lockout + control power supply lockout + control signal lockout", after thousands of times Experiments have proved that this strategy can effectively prevent phase-to-phase short circuits during the switching process.
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