Micropower Wireless Communication Unit Detection System FC-831

Product overview

Micro-power wireless communication unit detection system, abbreviated as: FC-831, is a product developed based on the standards and technical specifications of the State Grid. This equipment is designed to build a corresponding test and evaluation system to execute the micro-power wireless communication unit that will be connected to the network. Serialized unified technical specifications, communication protocol access inspection and fault detection. The equipment is developed in cooperation with the China Electric Power Research Institute, and has been tested by the National Radio Commission Monitoring Center Testing Center and obtained a test qualification report; in addition, it has the qualification of the China Electric Power Research Institute. Support test objects: micro-power wireless central node, micro-power wireless slave node, type II collector, etc.

Functional features

  • 1. Provide a friendly one-click test function;
  • 2. Support 24-hour uninterrupted unmanned operation mode;
  • 3. Real-time graphical display of test data and reports;
  • 4. Support database management test data function;
  • 5. Template function;
  • 6. Mail function, can remotely understand the operating status of the system in real time;
  • 7. Good compatibility and scalability.
  • Technical ParametersView details

    Shielding box: automatic control,
    Working frequency: 100MHz~3GHz;
     Shielding performance: ≥70dBm.

    Cabinet: 800m*800mm*2000mm

    Comprehensive analyzer: Aeroflex company standard instrument IFR2945B

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