WM-Fire Smart Fire Fighting Solution

WM-Fire Smart Fire Fighting Solution

Programme overview

The WM-Fire solution is an innovative smart fire protection solution based on the company’s more than ten years of development experience and technology accumulation in smart grids and public smart utilities. It aims to solve the lack of traditional fire warning capabilities, slow alarm response, supervision and management difficulties, lack of rescue support, low operation and maintenance efficiency, etc., to meet the new era of smart fire protection needs of smart prevention and control, smart operations, smart law enforcement, smart management, reduce social fire protection costs, and protect the people and rescuers safety of life and property, and adapt to future technological development trends.

Features of the scheme

  • Wireless Mesh self-organizing sensor network

  • Radio frequency signal indoor positioning algorithm

  • Handheld radio multi-mode communication

  • Anti-metal passive radio frequency tags

  • Edge computing and cloud computing

  • Fire monitoring and early warning (leakage current, cable temperature, smoke/temperature alarm, etc.)

  • Water pressure monitoring of fire hydrant and automatic sprinkler system

  • Water level monitoring of fire water tanks and fire pools

  • Full-time monitoring of fire-fighting equipment such as fire-fighting water supply pipeline valves and fire doors

  • Alarm linkage, facility inspection, unit management, fire supervision

  • Large connection, wide coverage, low power consumption, low cost, easy deployment, and high reliability

  • Detailed fire protection information

  • Precise fire location

  • Real-time physical perception

  • Reliable transmission network

  • Low construction cost

  • Rich data applications

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