Smart Gas Meter Remote Reading System Solution

Smart Gas Meter Remote Reading System Solution

Programme overview

The smart gas remote meter reading system adopts an advanced system that integrates wireless grid Internet of Things technology, smart meter sensor technology, computer and network communication technology, and automatically collects gas supply at key nodes of the pipe network and the cumulative gas volume of each meter measurement point that realizes the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reliability of data collection, and provide accurate basis for gas settlement.Provide report printing function, and can realize automatic payment and query functions through mobile phone App, self-service payment terminal and banking system network. It effectively solved the problems of difficulty in meter reading and charging for gas companies and other energy departments.

Features of the scheme

  • • Solve the difficulty of meter reading and charging, and completely breaks away from the cost of manual reading

  • • Real-time price adjustment to reduce losses caused by upstream gas price fluctuations

  • • Various payment channels, such as remote recharging, IC card, mobile App, WeChat official account, self-service payment terminal, etc.

  • • In case of gas leakage event the valve can be closed remotely to prevent safety accidents

  • • Effective gas consumption data can be obtained, and the transmission difference data is true, transparent and intelligent, which reduces operating costs and improves management efficiency.

  • • Abnormal meter, real-time monitoring, effectively reducing losses

  • • Remote acquisition of gas usage, getting consumption at a glance, high-quality service experience

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