Multi-Meter Collection System Solution

Multi-Meter Collection System Solution

Programme overview

The system consists of water, heat, electricity, gas meters, collectors, converters, concentrators, data transmission links, and a master station system. Through the collection, statistics, and analysis of meter data, mathematical models are established to monitor and analyze the use of water, heat, electricity, gas and other energy consumption, achieve stepped charging, save energy use, and save operating costs
Widely used in energy companies, commercial units, residential communities and other scenarios

Features of the scheme

  • Integrate multiple communication channels, which can adapt to a variety of different field environments

  • Unified platform, easy maintenance, one-time deployment, lifelong benefits

  • Meter communication adopts ultra-low power chip technology, with a design life of more than 10 years

  • Independent research and development of communication solutions, fast communication speed, flexible networking, and strong anti-interference ability

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