Ultrasonic Water Meter

Product overview

Remote prepaid valve control ultrasonic water meter,forward and reverse measurement

Functional features

  • Sensitive: wide range, high sensitivity, drip measurement
  • Long-lasting: no mechanical moving parts, wear-resistant, long service life
  • Smooth: the flow channel is smooth, with low pressure loss, no blockage and no scaling
  • Two-way:forward and reverse measurement
  • Stable: no sensitive components,free from electromagnetic, strong light, and mechanical interference
  • Convenient: multi-angle installation,no strict requirements for front and rear straight pipeline section
  • Flexible: Valve-controlled water meter can choose local IC card recharge prepaid and remote prepaid valve control
  • Technical ParametersView details

    • Common specifications:DN15,DN20,DN25
    • Accuracy level:Class 2
    • Start flow:≤ 2 L/h
    • Battery lifetime:≥ 8 years
    • Communication mode:M-Bus / RS-485 / NB-IoT / LoRa ,etc.

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