IC Card Wireless Smart Water Meter

Product overview

Real-time meter reading, support IC card, remote recharge, App recharge and other payment methods, fault alarm.

Functional features

  • Multiple payment ways: support IC card, remote recharge, App recharge and other payment methods
  • Multiple functions: remote valve control, step water price, prepayment, and timing adjustment,etc.
  • Real-time meter reading: able to store daily frozen data for the last 60 days and frozen data for the last 12 months
  • Fault alarm: close valve for fault alarm
  • Usage query: visually check the water volume purchased, remaining and cumulative water consumption volume, valve, and battery status
  • Intelligent closing valve: closing the valve when the water meter is attacked by strong magnetism or strong electricity
  • Wireless low-power consumption: wireless low-power Mesh network architecture, 4-level 3-hop routing, no blind spots
  • Safety protection: protection grade IP68
  • Technical ParametersView details

    • Common specifications:DN15 / DN20 / DN25
    • Accuracy level: Class 2
    • Recharge mode:RF card or remote
    • Data storage:data can be memorized by itself and will not be lost after power failure
    • Medium temperature range: cold water meter 0.1℃~50℃, hot water meter 0.1℃~90℃
    • Battery life: ≥ 8 years 
    • Pricing method: conventional / step water price
    • Wireless working frequency band: support 433 MHz, 470 MHz ~ 510 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz

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