Smart Water Meter Remote Reading System Solution

Smart Water Meter Remote Reading System Solution

Programme overview

The smart water remote meter reading system integrates wireless grid Internet of Things technology, smart meter sensor technology, computer and network communication technology to realize real-time monitoring of the water consumption of the whole area, grasp the network load, and improve the punctual rate of meter reading that lays an accurate basis for water settlement. It provides report printing function, and can be connected to the banking system to realize automatic payment, and can be expanded to realize information management functions user APP payment and query. For water supply companies, real estate companies, property management and other water supply management departments, the difficult problem of meter reading and charging is effectively solved.

Features of the scheme

  • Wireless coverage capability:Wireless low-power Mesh network architecture, 4-level 3-hop routing, coverage radius of 3000 meters.

  • Simple network architecture:Use the secondary network transmit mode, a smart gateway is connected to meter data management server through GPRS / CDMA / Ethernet.

  • Real-time power monitoring:When the power is lower than the set value, the alarm information will be automatically uploaded to the master station management software.

  • Monitoring / analysis function:The system can promptly and effectively detect abnormal water consumption of the water meter (including the user disassembling the meter privately, inverting it, and suddenly increasing or decreasing the water consumption).

  • Multiple data items collection:It can collect measurement data of single and double reed, photoelectric direct reading water meters and ultrasonic water meters.

  • Real-time usage query:Real-time query of user water consumption, so that the dispatching department can understand the load status of different areas and grasp the load law.

  • High stability:The system has the characteristics of easy installation, easy maintenance, ultra-low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability.

  • Hand-held meter reading function:Meter readers can use handheld devices to centrally read measured values on-site and upload the data to the meter data management system

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